NEM Name Service (NNS)

NEM Name Service is a handy blockchain identification used on the NEM network. By setting up an unique NEM domain name, users can replace the complicated hexadecimal wallet address to conveniently transfer XEM.

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NNS is part of the blockchain name service that offers a decentralized & secure method to outline the resource on NEM blockchain with human-readable domain names.

Easy Address

With NNS, users are able to send, receive and manage XEM with 'yourname.xem' instead of 'ND3SBE5MRAYGFECB...'.

Connect your Contract

With NNS, developers will be able to tie the smart contract to 'mycontract.xem'.

Visit your ÐWeb

With NNS, users can easily visit their ProximaX site at 'yourwebsite.xem'.

NNS is safe & decentralized

NNS is deployed and built on a powerful API interface on the NEM blockchain which indicates that it can be used on any programming language.


Powerful applications for NEM Name Service

Portal Network has created numerous tools for blockchain name service.

  • NNS Explorer Coming soon
  • NNS Resolver Coming soon
  • Marketplace Coming soon

Build your first DWeb on NEM.

Build a decentralized website, host it on ProximaX and connect it to NEM Blockchain. After that, you may visit your DWeb at 'yourwebsite.xem'.

Web Builder

Users are able to build their own DWebs with the choice of their NNS.

Browser Extension

Users can browse their DWeb hosted on ProximaX with ease.